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Lemon Smell Of Tobacco? What ?
Nov 30, 2016

Development of electronic cigarettes is more than 10 years, if you want to know full well it's really not an easy thing. Electronic smoke oil alone there are thousands of flavors to choose from, not to mention other parts. So where to start? First, do you like the taste of cigarettes to start, don't expect to find the same, that's out of the question, as long as you like the taste of tobacco is good! This will be your choice of transition, after you get used to, you can also try some of the outstanding taste of menthol tobacco flavors, fresh and let your lungs to a returning to the SPA experience. Are interested, even taking some of the not-so-sweet smell of fruit and snacks to enrich your taste buds experience. Best choice in the process of trying to purchase a trial sample package, which saves money and fun!

Edison invented the electric light bulb, people bid farewell to the dark without light; Han Li has invented the electronic cigarettes, so smokers began to say goodbye to cigarettes damage; after all, electronic cigarettes first does look like street-side shops that sell "ten Yuan fruit tobacco", but still could not resist, I know it's not authentic! Hundreds of electronic cigarette brands, there are international, and Xu da, bend, in short, brands of the world is too mysterious, accidentally into the wrong pit, impossible!

If you want a good place to start, choose a reliable brand really is important. It is best to choose an electronic cigarette chain of an entity. Directly to a local physical store experience is the best! Through these, do not not cheap, back matter ~

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