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How To Make The Smoke Of Tobacco Smoke Strong?
Sep 30, 2017

   As people began to pay great attention to health, electronic cigarettes have become effective for tobacco products, electronic cigarettes can not only help to quit smoking, but also more fashionable, the rapid spread of the past few years around the world. A lot of taste of tricky electronic cigarette players also began to work under the smoke in the oil, DIY DIY oil, but also a good way to enhance the taste of smoke: that is, sober!



 What is the wake of oil? Soaking oil is exposed to the air in the air, so that the air with the electronic smoke oil oxidation, the process placed 2-8 weeks to enhance the electronic cigarette oil temperature method.

 But the oil is a personal hobby and choice, not the process of playing electronic cigarettes must be done. Because each person tastes different, some people like the fresh taste, some people like to enjoy the taste after the oil. Different oil soaking the length of time is not necessarily.

Smoke oil just produced, the general wake oil to 2-8 weeks, so that the taste can be more intense. If the smoke produced for a long time, so that oil is not necessary, and will not have any effect.

Some taste of the oil soak in order to release more flavor, just sober it becomes very important, some tones do not need to wake up, wake up no eggs!

If you want your smoke oil taste more thick, smoke oil wake up, then need to pay attention to a few things:

1. Sapling oil is generally 2-8 weeks, the more bitter taste of the longer the need for oil, on the contrary, the more light the shorter the time the smoke.

2. Oil-soaking method can drink red wine, like, squeeze out the air and then breathe fresh air, shake, so repeated.

3. put the smoke on the shade.

4. Water bath heating or ultrasonic methods can also speed up the oil-soaking process.

Pay attention to the above matters, and then through repeated attempts, you can find their own way to pick up the taste of oil, I wish you success!

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