New Hot-Selling Series Pineapple Flavoring Pineapple Vape Juice E Liquid

New Hot-Selling Series Pineapple Flavoring Pineapple Vape Juice E Liquid

Strawberry E-Juice is a sweet taste of fresh strawberries which is heavily influenced by its aroma.


New Hot-Selling Series pineapple flavoring pineapple vape juice e liquid

E-Liquid Description:

The bright and fruity taste of a freshly cut pineapple fresh from a tropical island is now just a puff away. This flavor is crisp and the aroma conjures up images of picturesque beach scenes, hula dancers and a land of lush fruit.

Production information:


Pineapple flavour e juice


Flavor for e liquid, liquid flavors

Packing size:

2kg, 5kg, 20kg


2 kg

Available flavor:

200 kinds of flavors are available

Payment term:

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal

Lead time:

≤1000kgs(1-3dyas),  >1000kgs (5-10days) after receipt of payment

Delivery way:

express: DHL, TNT, EMS, FedEx, ups, Hongkong Post, sea or air

Package details:

20pcs 1kg PE jerry can per carton; 10pcs 2kg PE jerry can per carton;
4pcs 5kg PE jerry can per carton, or 1pc 20kg PE jerry can without carton.


Samples are available to test the quality.

Production capacity


We are a professional manufacturer in China


Please Treat this product with Care:

--- Store under normal conditions and protect from direct sunlight.

--- Keep Locked up and out of reach children, store away from foodstuffs.

--- Minors and pregnant women are prohibited from using this products.

Welcome to inquire, and welcome to visit our factory


1,Q:How long do tanks/coils last?

A:This is a tough question, because this depends on how often you vape, but on average atomizer coils 2-4 weeks. If you vape often you will need to replace your coil or entire tank more frequently. We always recommend buying extra e-juice and replacement coils so you don’t run out.

2,Q:How many traditional cigarettes are equal to one tank or cartomizer?

A:This is also tough to answer. It really depends on how you use the e-cigarettes and how much nicotine is in the e-liquid. A person who takes a longer draw will get less mileage than a lighter vaper. But roughly, 2.5ml of liquid with 1.8% nicotine is equivalent to 20 analog cigarettes.

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