sigelei Fu duo3 regulating box

Sigelei Fuchai Duo 3 Mod Electronic Cigarette Vape Mod Use Dual or Three 18650 175W 255W 510 Box Mod Support VW TC TCR Modes


Sigelei Fuchai Duo 3 Mod Selling point:

1. Intuitive 1" OLED display, full color resolution
2. Ni200, Titanium and stainless steel compatibility
3. Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) adjustments
4. Multiple colors, big fire button, ergonomic hand feeling and universal 510 connector.
5. User-friendly peset modes
6. High-grade zinc alloy construction 


Sigelei Fuchai Duo 3 Mod Specifications:

Size: 85 x 42 x 33mm
Material: Zinc alloy
Power Range: 10W-175W/ 10W-255W
Temperature Range:100°C-300°C / 212°F-572°F
Operating Mode: Power / TC (Ni200/Ti1/SS/TCR/TFR)
Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
Micro USB Charging: DC 5V/2.5A
Battery Type:18650 Batteries (Batteries Sold Separately)
Color: Black, Blue, Red, Gun, Silver,Gold


Sigelei Fuchai Duo 3 Mod Packing List:

Option 1: Mod 175W
1 x Sigelei Fuchai Duo-3 dual Cell Mod(without battery) buy battery click 
1 x Micro USB Port
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


Option 2: Mod 255W

1 x Sigelei Fuchai Duo-3 three Cell Mod(without battery) buy battery click here
1 x Micro USB Port
1 x User Manual

1x Battery cover
1 x Warranty Card


How to avoid leaking 

1.Keep the atomizer upright, do not lay down it sideway.When charging,please remove the atomizer and keep it upright.

2.Please turn off the airflow hole when refilling,don't refill the liquid to the coil core space.

3.Check the seal of the atomizer,to make sure the seal is in good condition.And check the all parts make sure they are tightened.

4.Please wait for 5 minutes after refill the liquid,or the coil will burn.Once the coil burned,may  cause leaking.

5.Please check the glass tube,even very small crack can cause leaking.

6.Don't open the top cap for long time,due to air pressure reasons, may cause leaking.

7.Before you vape,please check if the atomization core is tightened with the atomizer base.If they are not tightened,the liquid may leak from the airflow holes.

8.Please noted that the few condensate around the airflow holes is normal,just need to clean it and not affect normal use.

Maintenance of atomization core 

1.Atomizer core is easy consumables,normally we suggest you to change the coil every one or two weeks.If you use the coil for too long will cause the liquid to flow out of the base.

2.After you refill the liquid, do not vape at once,the coil may burn.Please keep the Atomizer upright for 5 minutes and then you can vape.

3.When you refilling the liquid,please keep in mind don't refill the liquid to the coil core space,if you refilled please clean it at once,otherwise you may suck the liquid into your mouth or the liquid will leak out.

4.Please refill the liquid if the liquid is less than 10%, or the remaining smoke will flow down with the crest of the atomizing head and the bottom of the mouthpiece.

5.Please keep in mind:the Atomizer Core cannot be cleaned by water.

6.If the Mod shows Atmizer Low and cannot vape, please check if there is liquid between the Atomizer core and Atomizer Base,please clean the liquid carefully and then try again.

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