Kennedy atomizer

The new Kennedy 24STRICKSTER S RDA electronic cigarette drops atomizer 24mm Kennedy atomizer body color: silver black gold


The new Kennedy 24STRICKSTER S RDA electronic cigarette drops atomizer 24mm

Kennedy atomizer body color: silver black gold


Q: This atomizer leakage does not leak oil?


A: do not leak, because I Division of the atomizer is a high-quality, oil spill is mainly produced in the O-ring link, I ordered the O-ring, are through the full inspection, (we all know O-ring is made out of the machine, can not guarantee that each O-ring is perfect, in order to better ensure the quality, we use the full inspection) and just the factory O-ring, order back, directly installed life Is very short, we use the exclusive method, you can greatly extend the O-ring life.


Q: This atomizer burst does not burst pipe?


A: The probability of bursting is less than two thousandths, we can not guarantee that one does not burst, because the burst pipe is linked with the size of the hardware and the material size of the PC tube, the embossing dimensions of the hardware we are all in control Silk, the PC tube is also grinding out the note, we use a high temperature, high toughness PC tube, when the assembly is rarely the phenomenon of cracks, when assembled, we will once again seized once, so far So far sold hundreds of thousands, never received customers reflect the burst pipe is now



Q: This atomizer installed in the EGO battery will produce a gap Well?


A: As long as the battery pole with the standard teeth is absolutely no gap, we all know that every custom hardware from different manufacturers, the size of the natural difference, we can only ask ourselves to do the standard, But can not ask others, as long as the size of the battery rod is a common market, is definitely not a gap, but also custom.


Product testing:



Products after 12 step quality inspection


1. Atomizer inspection: visual inspection, with or without obvious naked eye looks bad phenomenon, (scratches, color point, etc.) Resistance test: disposable atomizer: 2.5 - 3.0 Europe, multiple fog The device is: 2.0-2.4 ohm, nebulizer pre-smoke test.


2. Battery check: visual inspection: after the production line IPQC to confirm the appearance of the battery there is no common bad live structure with no model of the phenomenon, and the smoke assembly is smooth, and PCBA board after the combination of keys feel good, LED LCD lights show Whether the correct instructions, charging instructions are correct, the battery when the battery is full of red LED lights, (different models of different colors, charging LED lights are bright, full of off.)


3. Check the appearance of cigarettes: check the appearance of smoke, whether the common bad, if any stolen goods, smoke or vertical release requirements straight, can not have bending or deformation, battery and atomizer accessories require no gap , The battery and the nebulizer require good contact, thread rotation smoothly.


4. Smoke test: the smoke bomb filled with smoke into the atomizer test, can spit white smoke, fog large enough, do not burn.


5. Lower liquid test: the smoke bomb filled with smoke into the atomizer smoke, the smoke smoke smoke suction (a smoke bomb about pumping 250-300 mouth), smoking process without dry phenomenon, proved that the next liquid The


6. Smoke bomb mouth test: normal smoke bomb filled with smoke smoke can absorb 250-300 mouth.


7. Airflow test: the smoke bomb filled with smoke into the atomizer test, smooth air flow, no gas.


8, leakage test: the smoke bomb filled with smoke into the atomizer test, smoking process, the smoke liquid can not be sucked into the mouth, placed in the process, the smoke can not leak from the atomizer, playing button tightness.


9. Drop test: In addition to the special requirements of customers, according to the United States Transport Association corner triangular six-sided landing test provisions of the implementation of each batch at least 1 box by 60CM height to do a corner of the triangular six-sided landing test out of the box to check the product damage.


10. Life test: according to the design requirements, the new model trial production test at least 1 test.


11. Shock test: according to the national standards related to the standard, according to the implementation of the standard, at this stage there is no vibration test machine according to the following method of testing, in the test table mat 2 pieces of cloth with natural strength up and down about 2 such as battery shaking and atomization There are abnormal sound are unqualified need to rework, no shaking and abnormal sound side can flow into the next process packaging test,


12. Packaging sampling: After the completion of production packaging, QA according to the production task notice to check the business requirements, carefully check whether to meet the requirements, such as: electronic cigarette accessories have less put (cigarette holder, smoke liquid, certificate, warranty card, Weight, such as 688T weight packaging finished about 650 grams, the number of, etc.) QA according to AQL sampling standard sampling qualified shipments, unqualified production rework, the implementation of the special requirements of strict sampling and full inspection, 100 sets of orders QA implementation of the whole Inspection to ensure the quality of goods shipped.


Products through CE / SGS / RoHS / KC / FCC and other international testing, in strict accordance with the quality standards, can be issued test certificate. Electronic cigarette by the air flow sensor, control circuit, the implementation of circuits, high-power integrated circuits, high-frequency ultrasonic sounder, atomization chamber cover, built-in lithium-ion battery and other microelectronic components, through modern microelectronics technology to achieve airflow, , Simulated flue gas temperature, standby and other high-tech human function, while smokers inhalation of nicotine droplets at the same time, feel the same as with the traditional smoke euphoria, from the biological point of view of the human to simulate the whole of smoking Process, fashion technology to create a healthy tobacco culture, the authority of experts as modern microelectronics technology, biotechnology and healthy life concept of the perfect combination.


we promise:


[New authentic] Division I sold all the products are 100% original authentic, 100% new.

【After-sales service】 After receipt of goods within seven days if the quality problems, I Division to be returned.

[Wholesale buy] welcome the sessions of the wholesale group

More concessions, welcomed the overwhelming majority of domestic dealers, traders, Taobao shop to come to consult and order!

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